General Questions

1How long does the process take to have the software installed and live?
Time frames depend on the needs of the individual customer. Our typical turn around time is 40% quicker than our competitors for several reasons: 1. We developed a plug and play model which is fully integrable with your current system. 2. We have the flexibility to use our content of over 3000+ videos OR you can use your own content OR a hybrid of both.
2How much is the iHealth Software system?
The cost of the system varies per site depending on the needs of the hospital. Call us for discuss your specific needs and receive a quote. We are able to guarantee our rates will be lower than most of our competitors by more than 35%. See our comparison chart
3Can we brand your software to be our hospital's own brand?
Yes. Customizing both the brand of the software to your hospital AND customizing the layout to specific patient categories (pediatric, seniors, veterans, maternity, etc) are options that come with our platform.
4What happens when a patient leaves the hospital?
The iHealth Software allows for access on all mobile devices which is great for providing content and monitoring of patients after they have left a medical facility. The software is able to track the progress and monitor the activity even when the patient accesses from a mobile device from home.
5How can we ensure our staff uses the software correctly?
The iHealth Software intuitive design makes it extremely easy for first-time users. In addition, we provide onsite training for those your organization predetermines to attend.